Why choose us?


The many benefits of choosing PowerPlay Communications for your marketing needs:


  • Access to a firm that you can outsource your marketing requirements to only as and when you need - saving you time and money!

  • Our simple pay as you go fee-for-service arrangement means no ongoing contract commitments, retainer or complicated consultancy agreements, simply pay for the service you require.

  • Our hourly rate is all inclusive with rates negotiable depending on the project and level of service required.

  • Think of PowerPlay Communications as your Marketing Manager, Marketing Consultant, Researcher, Creative Designer, Copywriter, Communications Liaison and so on. We act like your trusted employee but without the burden of the typical costs and complexities associated with an employee such as employment contracts, salary, HMRC compliance, national insurance and other taxes, office space and so forth. 

  • We have extensive experience and expertise working across international markets including the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. We have an intimate knowledge of the Australian marketplace in particular so are well placed to assist companies who are looking to do or already do business in Australia.

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